Yes, They Are Real

Yes, They Are Real: Weird Fetishes That Will Blow Your Mind

If you thought you are kinky just because you get turned on by reading “Fifty shades of grey”, think again. This world is filled with weird fetishes. People get aroused by things you wouldn’t imagine. If you want to learn more about fetishes that are not so common, keep reading.

Many people have weird fetishes, they just don’t talk about it publicly. But if you go online and enter some chat rooms, you will see there is a whole new world you didn’t know about. But let’s start with the basics. What does fetish mean? It means that a person is sexually aroused by an object or a body part. Here are some fetishes you wouldn’t believe they exist.


Yap, this fetish gives the term “tree hugger” a whole different meaning. People with this fetish don’t necessarily have sex with it. It’s not all about drilling a hole and sticking your junior in it. Dendrophiliacs can also enjoy having sex next to a tree. They often have preferences for certain types of trees.


Mucophiliacs are sexually aroused by sneezing. This fetish is easier to understand than you might think. Sneezing involves a loss of control, an explosion and it’s a relief which, in a way, feels like the big O.


Many of us have heard about bestiality, but do you know about avisodomy? It implies having sex with birds. People with this fetish are turned on by feathers, and because of their abundance and inability to fly away, chickens are the most popular choice. Because of size ratios it sounds physically challenging, however, some say they’ve succeeded.


Prepare to get shocked! Stimming is getting sexually aroused by using electricity. It usually involves strapping on electrodes or using an electrode sex toy. But, this is a pretty expensive fetish. Electrified sex toy are expensive, they can cost up to $750.


If you have a problem with using eye drops, you probably don’t have this fetish. Oculolinctus is the practice of eye-licking. It may sound unbelievable that people get turned on by that, but just so you know, eyeball licking was causing a huge pinkeye outbreak in Japan several years ago.


If you suffer from nasty hangovers, emetophiliac will think you are the hottest creature in the world. Joking aside, these fetishists really get turned on by watching others throw up. Some emetophiliacs even choose the food they want their partner to eat and vomit up. Then, they will eat it and get sexually aroused by that. Well, there isn’t much more we can say other than – bon appétit.


Mechanophilia also belongs in the group of weird types of fetishes. It is a sexual attraction to machines, usually cars. Before all the girls think that most guys have this fetish, let us explain. These fetishists have sex with the tailpipe and upholstery. They get turned on by other machines like vacuum cleaners. This can even be dangerous and can put people in the hospital.

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