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Transgender Dating Tips For Beginners: 5 Ways To Impress Your Date

If you have just started transgender dating and you basically have no clue how to dazzle your date, don’t worry. We can help you impress your potential match. With these tips you will enjoy pleasant transgender dates and have fun with your girl.

The right compliments

Every woman loves compliments. She wants to feel attractive and desired and compliments are the way to let her know you are into her. It doesn’t matter whether you are still chatting or you’ve gone out on a real date, say something flattering to her. Just be careful not to overdo it. If you compliment her all the time you can come off as sleazy. When you want to say something nice to her, don’t end your sentences with “like a real woman”. Tell her she is beautiful, that she has lovely eyes or that she look great in that dress.

Plan your date

When you decide to move things from TG personals into the real world, have a plan for your date. Just picking her up (or meeting somewhere) and asking her where to go won’t impress her at all. Have some options in mind and ask her to choose one. Since you have already chatted online for a while, you surely know some things about her. Choose something that is related to her interests.

Remember things from her bio

If you want to avoid awkward silence and keep the conversation going, just use info from your chats. She probably wrote something about her on TG personals too which you can use to keep the ball rolling. She will be impressed that you remember those thfings and your date will be far more pleasant. You can also talk about things like her job, interests, favorite movies or pets. Subjects like sex and operations are off the table.

Be on time

This is just good manners. If you are punctual she will know that you value her time. The best option is to arrive at the meeting place a few minutes early so you can greet her as soon as she arrives.

Be polite

They say that chivalry is dead, but prove them wrong. You will easily impress your trans date just by acting like a gentleman. Be polite, courteous and make her laugh. Make sure she doesn’t feel uncomfortable at any moment.

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