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Top Reasons Why Cowboys Are The It Boys Of 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Need a fresh start in 2018? Want to turn a new leaf when it comes to dating and meeting men? Are you sick of needy, immature, and lost boys who need their mothers more than they need their girlfriends? Sounds like you’re ready to date a cowboy! Cowboys are the new it boys thanks to the fact that they don’t succumb to the popular trends and fads that go away faster than Sir Mix-A-Lot’s music career. Cowboys are a loyal, rugged and honest bunch, and they stay true to themselves no matter what. When in love, cowboys are faithful and dependable, not to mention incredibly sexy without spending a day at the gym. In other words, cowboys are the no.1 singles that should be on your radar going forward, and today we discuss why this is so in more detail.

#1: Cowboys Are Incredibly Hot

Cowboys get their workout from spending most of the time outside, in fresh air, doing manual labor and physically demanding jobs that build those bulky muscles and sheer strength. No expensive gym membership, home workout equipment, running through the park at dawn, cross fit or any other workout craze necessary. Their lifestyle is such that their everyday work requires them to be men, strong, muscular, and hard working, not sitting behind a desk all day. The fact that they do manual labour outside affects their psyche in the most positive of ways, and creates simple, reliable, and honest men that will come into your life like a breath of fresh air.

#2: Cowboys Are Handy

You’ll never need to call a contractor to fix stuff around the house again. Your cowboy will take care of all the things that need to be fixed, painted, moved to or from the garage, built, demolished, or installed. If a job requires more manpower, he’s got a bunch of buddies and cousins who can show up at a day’s notice and take care of whatever it is you need done around the house. Not only is this convenient, but it’s incredibly sexy having a man in your life who does all the stuff that traditional, instead of modern, men can do.

#3: Cowboys Are Loyal

Cowboys are one of the most loyal guys out there that you can meet in 2018. Although they might be in scare supply in large cities, if you search long and hard enough you’re bound to find your perfect cowboy match living not too far from your area. They’re definitely worth all the trouble you potentially have to go through to find yourself a perfect cowboy because once a cowboy falls for you, you’ve got a mate for life. He’ll love you in his own way, by filling up your gas tank, putting the dishes away after dinner or going grocery shopping on a Sunday morning so you can do your yoga. He’ll cherish you and love you every single day, and you’ll never feel lonely again.

#4: Cowboys Are Simple

In today’s day and age where everyone is concerned with getting ahead and doing better than the next guy, it’s so refreshing to have a man who doesn’t care about material possessions or job titles, and cares about making you happy first and foremost. Granted, there won’t be any pricey vacations, expensive cars or gifts wrapped up in baby blue boxes with white ribbons, but there will be a whole lot of hugs, kisses, comforting glances and gestures, and warm and gentle touches that will make you the happiest you’ve ever been. No complicated relationships with ex girlfriends, demanding and overbearing parents, bitchy bosses, or friends who don’t approve of you. Life is made much simpler with a cowboy because he only cares about coming home at night after a long and hard day at work, sharing a warm dinner, making love to the sounds of the leaves rustling outside your door, and falling asleep in your arms. If that isn’t true happiness, we don’t know what is!

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