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Top 6 Things Men Do In Relationships (And Women Are Begging Them To Stop)

Most single bikers think that their motorcycle is all they need in life. Next thing they know, they are in a loving relationship, spending time with their girl instead on their bike.

With that said, guys in long-term relationships develop some disgusting habits, and if you find yourself on this list, perhaps you should consider correcting your behavior. Without gilding the lilies, here are some of the things that guys do which grind their girlfriends’ gears.

When you leave toothpaste in the sink

How hard is it to rinse the sink after you have used it? Seriously, guys, it takes like 10 seconds, and everything is clean. Otherwise, your girl has to go behind you and clean up your mess.

When you use her toothbrush

Yes, we know that you kiss and trade germs, but this is one genuinely disgusting habit. You have your own toothbrush for a reason.

When you fart, scratch your balls or burp

If you want to behave like that when you are around your buddies, we have no problem with that. However, farting and burping around us is awful. Not only is it disgusting, but it also kills the romance, and you will stop being our sexy man and start being that pig in the living room.

When you leave a trail of breadcrumbs and dirty dishes for her to find the next morning

You have both arms and both legs, don’t you? So clean up after yourself! When she starts feeling more like your cleaning lady, or even worse, a mother, and less like your girlfriend, odds are she will start losing interest in you very soon.

When you are talking to her while you are sitting on the toilet

We know that you go to the bathroom, it is the most natural thing in the world. But we really don’t need to see you doing it, let alone talk to you while you do it. Your bathroom time is your own, private time, so try to enjoy a little bit of peace. We would appreciate it.

When she is talking, and you are not listening

Yes, we can see that you are not paying attention to us when we talk. When your girlfriend is explaining that her best girl wants to break up with her boyfriend and you are thinking about beer and football, it drives her crazy. Give her your undivided attention when she talks. Otherwise, things won’t end well for the two of you.

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