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Top 5 Tips to Lasso a Cowboy

The internet is oozing with single cowboys looking for someone to ride out into the sunset with. So, why not snatch up one for yourself? Although cowboys appear to be macho, masculine and confident alpha males, they too have a soft and sensitive side that needs attention. To be able to lasso yourself a cute country boy, look at the following tips on how to date a cowboy.

Give over Control

Cowboys generally like to feel in control and make the first move. Let him be the old school gentleman he wants to be and bask in the attention he will shower you with on your date. It’s not that they’re chauvinistic, it’s just that they are usually brave and confident and will express the same qualities on your date as well. So, give over the reins and enjoy the ride.

Don’t Play Games

Cowboys like it when a woman is simple, honest and approachable. So, forget about all those dating games and clever flirting techniques you’ve known before. Be open and sincere about who you are and what you stand for. A cowboy will appreciate you being down-to-earth and will reward you with an easy, simple, and complication-free relationship.

Be Intrigued by What he Does for a Living

Cowboys generally spend their days herding cattle, working on farms and tending to their animals. Therefore, if you want to impress your cowboy, enquire about what he does on a day-to-day basis. This will break the ice and get him talking about something he’s truly enthusiastic about.

Enquire about his Family

Cowboys are usually very proud of their heritage, family, and values. Even if they come across as shy and reserved, one of the best ways to make them come out of their shells is to ask about their family. This will help them relax and open up to you, and they’ll surely appreciate the gesture.

Plan a Date in Nature

If you were planning on going to dinner and the movies, think again. These boys love spending time in the great outdoors and will most likely feel more at home outside. So, set up a date that would be interesting for them, and that will show you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. Cowboys love it when a woman is not afraid of the wild and will instantly fall for you.

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