Widowers Way Too Soon

Top 4 Celebrities Who Became Widowers Way Too Soon

It is safe to say that money can buy you a lot of things, but happiness is not one of them. Many celebrities have gone through a rough period in their life and dealt with pain which wealth can’t heal. Some of the famous men became widowers too soon in their lives and if you have suffered the same faith, this list might give you hope. Go through it and you will see that for many widowers dating (after some time has passed) becomes a normal part of their lives. With that said here is a list of top 4 celebs who remarried after their wives passed away.

Patton Oswalt

This stand-up comedian, actor, voice actor and writer became a widower when he was 45 years old. Sadly, his wife Michelle McNamara died in her sleep in April 2016. Their daughter was only seven years old at the time. When the founder of a website called TrueCrimeDiary.com passed away she left everyone in shock. Nevertheless, Oswalt got engaged to an actress and legal mediator, Meredith Salenger in July 2017. They got married last November.

Joe Biden

The 47th Vice President of the United States Joe Biden became a widower when he was only 30. He and Neilia Hunter were married for six years when she died in a car accident in 1972, along with their one-year-old daughter, Naomi. Three years later Biden got married to Jill Jacobs and they have one daughter, Ashley.

Pierce Brosnan

This handsome actor got married to Cassandra Harris when he was only 21. Unfortunately, 17 years later she passed away from ovarian cancer. She and Brosnan had one son together, and he adopted her two children from a previous marriage, Charlotte and Christopher. Her daughter died from the same illness five years ago, when she was 41 years old.  In 2001 the famous actor married Keely Shaye Smith and they have two sons together.

Roman Polanski

Everyone in this world has heard of the notorious Manson family. Roman Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate was one of their victims. When this director was 36 year old and his wife only 26 she got stabbed in their home. She was 8.5 months pregnant at the time and they had been married for less than two years. Polanski married Emmanuelle Seigner in 1989 and they have two children together.

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