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Top 3 HIV Dating Tips To Keep In Mind

HIV dating is no longer taboo as we learn more about the condition and the way it can be treated. With this being said, there are some things to keep in mind that make dating a POS person or dating when you’re positive different compared to regular dating, and we discuss those below.

#1: Disclose Early On

When dating with HIV, there are some conversations you need to have with the new people you meet sooner rather than later, which can kind of kill the romance, but it is fair and ensures nobody’s time is wasted and nobody’s feelings are hurt. You have the option to kiss and tell or to tell and kiss, which pretty much means you either disclose your status on the first date or if the first date goes well, and there is a good chance you’d be seeing that person again, you tell them the next time you see them. The trouble here is that if you value privacy, disclosing to everyone you meet means a bunch of people know you’re positive, which isn’t cool. On the other hand, you’re not your status, and disclosing as soon as possible means you’re open, honest, and someone who’s serious about finding a good match.

#2: Take Advantage of POS Dating Sites

If you don’t feel like revealing your status every time you cross paths with a cute single person, take advantage of the numerous POS dating sites where you can meet people to whom your status is a given. You’d be able to focus on presenting yourself in the best possible light regardless of the fact you’re positive, and in turn give people a chance to show you who they really are instead of trying to impress them to no end to compensate for the fact you have HIV. With digital dating slowly but surely becoming the leading way to meet new people, you can rest assured there are so many great POS dating sites out there that you’re bound to find at least one to your liking.

#3: Talk To Your Partner Before You Have Intercourse

There are various ways to protect yourself from contracting STDs or another strain of HIV, and to protect your partner. Before you start having sexual relations with someone, talk to them about what it means to be taking antiretroviral therapy, and how it can reduce your viral load to undetectable levels, which means it’s that much more difficult to pass the virus on to the other person. Using condoms is a must, and when coupled with ART you and your partner are safe to enjoy every aspect of your relationship.

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