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Top 3 Dating Tips Every Widow Should Know

When it comes to dating, women have always had to fight more prejudice than men. While older gentlemen feel free to date younger ladies, older women who date their juniors are considered cougars and predators. Also, widowers dating is something completely natural, while widows who get back on the market have to justify themselves to everyone.

In spite of all these prejudices, you should get back on the market if you feel like it. At the end of the day, people will talk no matter what you do, so focus on yourself, your needs and happiness. If you are ready to find love again, these tips should help you along the journey of dating.

Don’t lie about your age

At the beginning of every relationship, you should be honest if you want things to work out. Therefore, don’t lie about your age and pretend that you are younger. Even if you feel youthful and look incredibly sexy and attractive for your age, don’t do it.

Sure, if you lie about the date written in your ID, you will have a better chance of getting a date, but don’t do it. If this relationship thrives and you end up falling in love with each other, he will be disappointed if he figures out you’ve lied to him all that time.

Date a widower

Men who have lost their wives will know exactly what have you gone through so they will understand your hopes and fears, your cries, your pain and might get you through really tough days.

You will be able to fall apart from time to time without having to worry what he will think of you. It is very liberating to have someone like that by your side. Nevertheless, never date a man only because he is a widower. Make sure you have some things in common before you open up to him.

Don’t settle

Now definitely isn’t the time in your life to settle. You are probably not rushing to get married again, so take things slow and patiently wait for someone great to come your way. Never settle for someone who doesn’t do anything for your mind or your spirit. Instead, find a man with whom you can have an intelligent, funny, and adult conversation.

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