Top 10 Hottest instagram accounts

Top 10 Hottest instagram accounts from A to Z

Instagram is one of the hottest social networks and over 600 million people are using it every day. Some of them are there to see what their friends are doing and post interesting photos from their life, but some users are there to “spy” on their idols.

Many of us are struggling with the question – how to become Instagram famous, but famous stars with their millions of followers don’t have that problem. Celebrities on Instagram post everything from behind-the-scene moments to pictures of their family and friends. If you want to know which the hottest Instagram accounts are, keep reading.

#10 Kendall Jenner

Kim’s baby sister has almost 80 million followers, and like almost everyone in her family knows how to work social media. Kendall has a great figure, and she knows it. On her profile you can find a bunch of her selfies.

#9 Dwayne Johnson

This guy is a legend. He looks great, he is funny as hell and has a good heart. His followers know how much The Rock loves his dogs and his family.

#8 Justin Bieber

This guy practically grew in front of the cameras, so he knows what to post to get many followers. Obviously, since his fans are usually teenage girls, he posts a lot of shirtless pictures. Well, he made it on the eight place, so he definitely knows what he is doing.

#7 Kylie Jenner

A lot of selfies and showing off her curves has gotten Kylie 91.1 million followers. This reality TV star also uses her profile for marketing purposes. She is currently advertising her brand of lipstick.

#6 Cristiano Ronaldo

Men envy him, women want to date him. So why wouldn’t he have such a large number of followers? Ronaldo is our number six guy with 96.7 million fans on Instagram. Besides pics of his team and friends, there are also some interesting photos in his underwear.

#5 Kim Kardashian

Kim is a queen of social media. She knows what she should post so she would get a bunch of likes. If you like Kim’s curvy body, you should definitely follow her on Instagram.

#4 Beyonce

This diva is all about her pregnancy belly these days. And who can blame her? Even pregnant, she looks amazing. Beyonce has 99 million followers on Instagram, and that number is getting bigger every day.

#3 Taylor Swift

She is sexy, but she knows she has to present her goofy side too in order to get many likes. And she is doing it great. Whether she is dressed as an elf or she is in her pajamas, this blonde always looks gorgeous.

#2 Ariana Grande

American’s sweetheart has an incredible voice and over 102 million followers. If you want to see photos from her personal life, keep moving. She is all about her career on Instagram.

#1 Selena Gomez

And finally, the hottest Instagram account belongs so Selena Gomez. Her 116 million followers can always see what this actress/singer is up to.

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