Ideas For The First Date

Be Prepared To Date A Cowboy: 6 Ideas For The First Date

Many women are simply drawn to cowboys. And why wouldn’t they be? Cowboys are handsome, rugged, strong yet gentle. If you are going on a date with one, you are a lucky lady. However, remember this, they aren’t your typical romantic-restaurant-guys. A date with a cowboy is more original and adventure filled than that.

If you are one of the women who want to date a cowboy, we can’t blame you. Benefits of dating these guys are endless. If you found your country boy and you are getting ready for a date, forget about long evening dress and a lot of jewelry because a fancy restaurant probably isn’t on his mind. Here are some things you will more likely do on your first date.

Being one with nature

So, you’ve met your match on cowboy dating site. If you have lived your whole life in the city, you are probably imagining this guy to walk into a saloon with a gun in his hand and challenge someone on a duel. Now, let’ forget about what we have seen in movies. He probably won’t carry a gun on your first date and you can certainly forget about saloons. These guys are really outdoorsy, so you can expect that he will take you hiking. If you are not in shape for that just tell him. A nice walk in the park will be just fine. Any kind of date that includes nature, fresh air and you two is perfect.

Going on a picnic

Picnic is always a cute type of date. That is, if you are OK with all those bugs. But let’s forget about them for a second. Going to a park or some kind of meadow, putting soft blanket on a warm glass and enjoying delicious food from a wicker basket sound perfect. You can spend time under the clear blue sky getting to know each other and recharging your batteries. If you are into bird watching, bring your binoculars.

Ice skating

During the winter you can go ice skating or something else that involves holding hands. If you wish, you can always act clumsy and hold him with an excuse you are afraid of falling.

Visit the beach

What is more romantic than a sunset on a beach? You can fly a kite, surf, make a picnic on the beach or just sit and listen to the waves.


If you always wanted to dress like a cowgirl, here is your chance. Get those boots out of your closet and put on a hat. With your western match you can go on a rodeo. Keep an open mind, you will probably end up having a ton of fun.


If you live near the water you can rent a boat and go fishing. Even if you don’t like this sport, you will get tan and enjoy his good company. Since you will be all alone in the middle of a lake, it will be a perfect chance for you to get to know each other.

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