For Her Pleasure

For Her Pleasure: Top 6 Sex Positions

There are a lot of ways to have sex. It’s all about experimenting and having fun. If you are wondering if there are some awesome positions you haven’t tried out, see our list below.

Knowing how to have sexual intercourse is easy, but to know how to have great sex requires some learning. First of all you need to know how to have safe sex. If you don’t, you can inform yourself by reading sexology questions and answers on the Internet. Being a great lover is one of the biggest compliments a woman can give you. So make sure you know how to keep her satisfied.

Face to face

This position is all about intimacy and slow, relaxing sex. You sit opposite each other and then the woman slides into your lap and sits on top of you. She joins her legs behind you and you put your feet together to provide a kind of cradle for her. And then you just rock. It often produces a simultaneous orgasm. If you like something faster, this one is probably a bit tame for you.

She is on top

This one is good for both of you. Just lie down and let her climb on top. You can hold her waist and dictate the tempo by moving her, or just let her do what she wants. She will be in charge and she will love it and you will enjoy a great view.


This one is also slow. When you are lying on the bed you spoon her from behind. You’ll figure out the rest. Your hands are free to explore her body and you are doing all the work so your partner can just enjoy.

Wrap around

It’s close to a missionary position, but it has that special kick. When you are on top, let her wrap her legs around you. She will have the power to control the speed and rhythm and this position provides a really powerful orgasm for her. You will enjoy being “trapped” like that.

Reverse cowgirl

If you want to hit that magic G-spot, this is a position for you. You just lie on the bed and let your legs hang over the edge. She should climb on top of you, face away from you and lean forward with her arms. While she is rocking back and forth she will feel that G-spot-hitting sensation. She will be in charge of speed, angle and movement. If you put a mirror in front of her, you will get the full experience of this position. She will feel like the star of her own private porn movie.

Half off half on

This time, let her lie on the bed, with her legs on the floor. You should stand up and enter her while she is wrapping your legs around you. You will do all the work and she can relax and just enjoy.

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