Tips To Keep In Mind

Top 3 HIV Dating Tips To Keep In Mind

HIV dating is no longer taboo as we learn more about the condition and the way it can be treated. With this being said, there are some things to keep in mind that make dating a POS person or dating when you’re positive different compared to regular dating, and we discuss those below. #1: Disclose Early On When dating with…

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you need to know

3 Secrets of BBW Dating you need to know

There has been a considerable increase in popularity of BBW dating during the last several years and there are many reasons for this. First, the numerous body positivity movements have emerged and they are fighting against established beauty standards while encouraging women to accept themselves for who they are. Celebrities are doing amazing jobs with their anti-shaming propaganda too, which…

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You Never Knew Before

Benefits Of Cougar Dating You Never Knew Before

A lot of men are interested in cougar dating, and why wouldn’t they be? There are so many advantages that come with going out with an older woman. If you don’t believe us, just read the list below. They like younger guys For years it has been nothing unusual to see an older man holding hands with a younger girl.…

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Things you need to know before

3 Things you need to know before dating a BBW

It’s not a secret that BBW ladies are more often becoming subjects to romantic attention these days, especially with a rise of numerous body-positivity movements and men who decided to come out of the closet, so to say, and admit they actually love big and beautiful women and are not ashamed of it anymore. There are also guys who questioned…

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Romantic Movies

4 Romantic Movies About Older Couples You Need To See

You would be surprised to hear how many people have a certain level of aversion when it comes to senior dating. They simply don’t think that two older people can find romance and love together. Well, we don’t think that’s true at all. However, if you, by any chance, have some suspicions regarding this matter, these 4 romantic movies about…

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biker dating

How Not To Date A Biker In 4 Simple Steps

When it comes to biker dating, the list of no-nos is pretty simple, but it doesn’t hurt to go over it one more time. If you think you might be falling for a cute biker, make sure you read our tips on how not to ruin a relationship with him thoroughly because it would be such a shame to let…

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