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How Not To Date A Biker In 4 Simple Steps

When it comes to biker dating, the list of no-nos is pretty simple, but it doesn’t hurt to go over it one more time. If you think you might be falling for a cute biker, make sure you read our tips on how not to ruin a relationship with him thoroughly because it would be such a shame to let your connection go to waste.

#1: Don’t Try To Change His Style

Clearly, being a biker is a special kind of state of mind, but that doesn’t mean the looks don’t matter. It took forever for all that hair and beard to grow so don’t even think about asking him to get a new do. Most people think that it’s just us girls who care very much about appearances, but those people have obviously never met a biker. Asking him to change his style would be like asking him to give up who he is, and that’s not going to happen. His style represents what he stands for, and if you don’t like that then your biker match might not be right for you after all.

#2: You Better Like His Friends

Being part of biker clubs is an important part of who your new date is, and those clubs come with all sorts of people. He might not like them all, but he belongs there, and you need to understand that his sense of belonging to the biker community is very strong. It’s OK to have an opinion and share it, it’s even OK to talk about how much time you think the two of you should spend with his biker friends, but it’s not acceptable to try and estrange him from his buddies.

#3: Keep It Real

If both of your feet are not firmly on the ground, you could end up losing your biker because they are pretty simple people and like to keep it real, so anyone with their head in the clouds would be way to tough to figure out and maybe even accept. Don’t expect any posh dinners or vacations, and be content with a camping trip with the boys. A fancy car may be the only thing beside his bike that is worth a pretty penny, so hopefully you get the picture – unless it’s on wheels, he ain’t spending big bucks on it. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you, but the ways of the rich and famous are just not in his sphere of interests.

#4:  Being Disloyal

Biker men have a very strong sense of attachment to their friends, and they are as loyal to their group as it gets. If you happen to find yourself with a biker under your arm, you can rest assured that he’s into you, maybe even more so than you can imagine. They are a very loyal bunch, and expect nothing less in return, so you better be on your best behaviour.

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