Dating A Guy With A Motorcycle

New On Biker Dating Sites? Top Tips On Dating A Guy With A Motorcycle

If you like motorcycles and you want to meet someone who shares your interests, biker guys are the perfect choice for you. However, like any dating, biker dating is a tricky game and you have to know the rules.

Finding a biker to talk to is pretty easy. You just have to visit some of the biker dating sites and find a guy you can easily talk to. As we all know, the second date is more important than the first one. It means that the guy is generally interested in you and what you have to say. So we will help you get there. Here are some guidelines you should follow when dating a biker.


So you went on a Biker Planet or any other dating site and you’ve got yourself a date. When you are on it, concentrate. Don’t let your mind wonder while you are talking to him. Pay attention to what he has to say. Don’t use your phone or look around. Try to remember everything he talks about. If he sees that you are interested in what he has to say, you are on the right track to get to the date number two.

Be a lady

Everyone wants to be treated with respect and that applies to biker guys too. He might like some things you don’t, and that is perfectly ok. Don’t try to argue with him. See things from his point of view and who knows, maybe you will learn something new. Keep your mind opened. Be respectful and ladylike. If you treat him with respect, he will treat you the same way.

Don’t lie

Don’t pretend you know everything about bikes if you don’t. You are on a date, not on a pop quiz. Just be yourself and ask anything you want to know. He will appreciate that you are interested in his lifestyle. If you are not honest and you’re pretending to be something you’re not he will see right through you and you will be sitting by the phone waiting for that call for nothing.

Don’t be a control freak

Ok, you are an independent and strong women, but let him be in charge. Every man likes to be in control, especially a biker guy. You don’t have to have that I-can-do-everything-by-myself attitude. Let him be the gentleman, open a car door for you or help you take your coat off.

Be confident

Single bikers are looking for a girl who is outgoing and friendly. Don’t be shy. Let him know what your interests and hobbies are, awkward silence on a first date as not a good sign. The most important things for a biker are your good character and temper. Present yourself in the best way possible. Ask him about his motorcycle and his other interests. Remember, dating should be fun and not tiresome, so the most important thing is to have a good time.

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