Sexy Cougar

Five Ways You Can Dazzle That Sexy Cougar

Although cougar dating is extremely popular, a lot of young guys still have no clue how to approach an experienced lady. If you want to meet a cougar you should keep in mind that your immature pick-up lines won’t work on her. If you have met a mature lady on one of the cougar dating sites, here are some ways you can dazzle her.

Foreplay! So much foreplay!

Many guys think that cougars do all the hunting. Wrong! Oh so, so wrong. She wants to be chased. A cougars needs to feel attractive and desired. That is your mission. Send her flirty e-mails or sexy texts asking what she is wearing. Keep her on her toes at all times. Make her feel like she is the most beautiful woman in the world and she will purr like a kitten.

Don’t be a drama queen

There is no need to complicate stuff. Trust us, cougars have had their fair share of complicated relationship. They want a no muss – no fuss kind of relationship. If you like her, tell her. If you say that you will call, then pick up the phone. If you want sex, let her know. Playing games is out of the question.

Don’t brag about anything

You have the latest cell phone or a new version of Sony PlayStation? That won’t impress her very much. She has probably dated men who earn more money in a month than you do in a year. Don’t brag about your accomplishments, because there is probably a guy in her past that has already accomplished all those things and more. Competing with others will only make you seem childish and immature.

Music is the best aphrodisiac

Don’t underestimate the eighties rock. The moment she hears a Journey song she will become a young girl she was back then when that band was so popular. You will make her feel like she is young again and that is basically all you need to do to get under her skin.

Don’t be a know-it-all

Just because she is older than you doesn’t mean she doesn’t know anything about modern music, the latest iPhone app or newest fashion trends. However, in case she does not, you can always teach her about those things. On the other hand don’t try to order a wine you can’t pronounce. Keep in mind that she is far more experienced than you are, so don’t try to impress her with your knowledge of antiques.

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