what is a drag queen

What Is A Drag Queen And How Do You Become One? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Instructions on how to be a drag queen, but before that to know what a drag queen really is. Listing the characteristics of a successful drag queen.

What Is A Drag Queen

What is a drag queen? You might ask? There is so much confusion about what being a drag queen means. But maybe we should start with the widely available definition and go from there. A drag queen is a man or male that dresses up like a woman for entertainment purposes or for personal pleasure that involves a performance element. This person is not necessarily homosexual or bisexual or trans. Many time these are conventional men who are heterosexual but enjoy having an alternate flamboyant or colorful female persona that defines their drag queen performance. There are many women who have accepted their crossdressing husband, who simply like to put on women’s clothes and strut their stuff, and it has no impact on their heterosexual sex life.

If you’ve ever been to a drag queen show, you’ll know there are amazing performances where the drag queen imitate a female personality, whether it be Cher, Madonna or Barbara Streisand. Singing and dancing can be involved in the performance, and that’s why usually a female vocalist or singer/musical artist is chosen so they can combine the two elements.

There are many myths and misnomers about drag queens, and we’d like to disspell a few, and give you some guidance how you can become a drag queen too. But before you do that, you need tok now what a drag queen is not.

1. Drag queens do not want to be or become women – many people think just because a man wants to wear the outward accessories of a woman and dance around or sing as a woman, his overall goal in life is to become a woman. Yes, some drag queens are transgender women, but the majority of them are men who take part in the art form because it provides them a creative release and is not related to their sexuality.

2. All drag queens are not gay or even queer – there are many straight drag queens who have full time normal conventional jobs and then at night they love to transform into their drag queen persona. Yes, there are many gay drag queens but that is not the rule. And they love to dress up because it allows them to express their feminine and artistic side without any impact on their daily hetero lifestyle.

3. Drag queens do it for the money – though there are paid drag queens that work in shows or clubs and get paid for their renditions and performances,, most do it as a hobby and it’s a quite expensive one at that, Making money at it is rare, and there is more of a pleasure factor than a career-goal orientation factor.

4. Anyone can do drag – this is so not true, since to have that persona come to life, you have to have that ‘it’ factor, otherwise you are just a boy in a dress. You have to make a gran effort to make that persona come to life and make sure ‘she’ is larger than life. Wearing a dress does not make you a drag queen.

5. Drag queens have bad attitudes – this is not true, yes they might be saucy or frisky or even bitchy at times, but they are all performing attitudes and behaviors that maybe in their normal lives they cannot express, Being a drag queen means they face a lot of stigmatization and it’s hard to be pleasant when you feel so much hate toward you. In reality though, they are quite nice and very accepting liberal people.

Now you have your answer to: what is a drag queen? And you might want to learn how to become one. get ready to wear lots of makeup, shave a lot, wear multiple pairs of tights and heels that don’t fit, or corsets and tucking your manhood where no one can see it. It’s a lot of work, but the most important part is not physical, and if you want go from a crossdressing husband to a full blown drag queen you need to have the right persona that will attract, entertain and fascinate people with you. If you can find that ‘it’ factor, your drag queen dreams can definitely come true.

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