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Disabled Dating Safety Tips: Stay Away From Con Artists With These Guidelines

When you are disabled dating it is important to keep in mind that everyone isn’t always what they seem. Unfortunately, many scammers go after handicapped singles so you need to keep your eyes open. When you are using disabled dating site put your safety first and listen to your gut. Here are some ways you can spot a con artist.

They ask for money

When you are dating for disabled keep your financial information to yourself. It may sound simple enough, but trust us, scammers can be really convincing. They will get under your skin and then ask you for money for a plane ticket so you can meet in person. This is their main trick, so don’t get fooled.

They are abroad

If your chat buddy claims to be stuck in a foreign country, be very careful.  If their story doesn’t match the location on their profile, put that fish back into the sea. You can never be too careful.

They don’t want to meet in person or talk over the phone

If the person you are talking to always ask you some personal questions, like where you live, but they ignore you when you ask to meet them in person, you are probably dealing with a scammer. They want to keep things online at all times, and as you know, that is not the point of online dating.

Too emotional too soon

If you just got back on the market, it can be exciting to feel close to someone so quickly. Be weary of someone who claims they love you or that they want to be serious with you, without ever meeting you in person. Too much too soon is too suspicious, so move on.

They can’t keep track

If they seem disconnected or can’t follow the conversation, be careful. If the person you are talking to never mentions anything from your past conversations and always speaks only about general topics, you might be targeted by a con artist. They talk to many people at the same time and work from a script.

Job offers

This is a dating site, so if someone tries to sell you some stuff or offers you a job, be sure you are talking to a con artist. Regular users are here to date, not find customers. If someone is offering you a special discount on a product or service, move along.

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