Kick Out Of Your Profile

5 Things You Need To Kick Out Of Your Profile

Although you have been using a free dating service for weeks now, you haven’t’ received any messages from potential dates yet. Why is that? We bet that the problem is somewhere in your profile, you just have to find it. Keep in mind that a dating community is large, so to get hits you have to stand out from the crowd. You can do that by creating an impressive profile. Here are some things you shouldn’t include in it if you want to find love.

An emoji bio

We understand that it can be tricky to describe yourself in a limited number of characters, but creating an emoji bio isn’t a solution either. Maybe you think it’s funny but other singles who are looking for mature dates won’t bother to figure out what you’ve tried to say with emoticons.

Pics of your ex

Maybe you love the way you look in that photo you’ve taken with your ex while you were in Hawaii, but don’t upload it on your dating profile. You will just confuse other users and women will automatically assume that you are not over her.

Saying that you are a nice person

Let us give you a hint; nice people usually don’t emphasize that they are nice. Instead, they let their actions speak for them. Also, don’t say that you are funny either. If you have a great sense of humor, she will pick up on it.


Maybe you are tired of women and their drama, perhaps you hate dating sites or your think that dating apps are stupid, but never, and we mean never put that in your profile. Women like to date men who make them smile, not some guys who bring them down before they have even talked.

Long bios filled with clichés

Keep in mind that you will go on real dates where you will be able to talk about your life. Therefore, you don’t need to write your whole life story down for others to read it. Stick to the basics in your profile and keep it short and sweet. Write about specific things you like, such as making your ant farm or reading Dan Brown. If you just list ‘watching sunrise’ or ‘having fun’ as your hobbies, no one will contact you.

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