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5 Rules Every Guy Should Learn Before His Big Date with a Trans Girl

As you can probably assume, trans dating comes with many dos and don’ts. Therefore, if you want to have an amazing connection with your TS date you will need to follow some simple, yet important rules. In this light, we have decided to compile the list of things every guy should learn before he goes on a date with a trans girl, so you might want to stick around and find out more about what we have to say.

She is not your teacher

Please, please, please don’t ask her questions you could just Google yourself. She is not here to talk about differences between trans people and cross-dressers since she is on a romantic date, so you should act accordingly. This means that you should focus on getting to know her as an individual, not asking random questions Wikipedia has the answers to.

Don’t think that she is easy

If you think that she is just waiting for a signal to jump into a bed with you immediately, you couldn’t be more wrong. Therefore, step away from the porn for a second and listen carefully. Trans women are sick of guys who just use them so that they could try something new or fetishist who date them to fulfill their fantasies. In real life, trans ladies are looking for someone special who will like them for who they are, and they won’t even consider undressing until they find somebody who fits the description.

Don’t hide her away

Don’t be the guy who thinks that she is good enough for sex but doesn’t want to take her out in public. If you just want to get laid and never call her again, there are girls you can pay for that.

Stereotypes can ruin your relationship

If you have never dated a trans person before, you might assume that all trans ladies have penises, that they are sex workers or that they look like drag queens. So, before you hit the TG personals, you can at least do a basic research about transgender women.

Sex talk

First of all, you should act like a gentleman and don’t mention sex on your first date. It is not polite and some trans women are not comfortable with their bodies so this kind of conversation makes them very uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you have dated for a while and want to take your relationship to the next level, you should have a talk about your expectations, worries, and desires. That will make the whole experience a lot more pleasant.

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