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4 Romantic Movies About Older Couples You Need To See

You would be surprised to hear how many people have a certain level of aversion when it comes to senior dating. They simply don’t think that two older people can find romance and love together. Well, we don’t think that’s true at all. However, if you, by any chance, have some suspicions regarding this matter, these 4 romantic movies about older couples will convince you that it’s never too late for true love.

Hope Springs (2012)

Probably one of the best movies about older dating out there at the moment. Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones are playing a married couple that has been together for 30 years. However, they suddenly decide to work on their relationship in order to improve it, so they start going on counseling sessions together. A lovely drama you need to see.

Something’s Gotta Give (2003)

In this romantic comedy, Jack Nicholson plays a wild middle-aged man who has a soft spot for young and attractive women. But, when an older and accomplished woman (Diane Keaton) strolls into his life, he instantly falls for her. Something’s Gotta Give is a dynamic and delightful romantic comedy that will bring a smile to your face.

5 Flights Up (2014)

Ruth Carver (Diane Keaton) and Alex Carver (Morgan Freeman) are an old married couple who lived a long and peaceful life together. However, once some personal and real estate-related problems start troubling them, these two find themselves in a challenging and uncharted territory. They decide to move away from their apartment, but that endeavor turns out to be much harder than they expected.

Last Chance Harvey (2008)

A lot of people believe that once you pass a certain age in life, you can’t really connect on a deep romantic level with someone new. This is not entirely true, and that is exactly what this beautiful movie proves. Last Chance Harvey is a lovely romantic drama that tells a story of an older man (Dustin Hoffman), who against all odds, manages to find love while visiting his daughter’s wedding. Astonishing performances by Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson will definitely convince you that true love can indeed be found even in the later stages of life.

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