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4 Questions you should ask yourself if he is still Friends with his Ex

When you are dating, you are rarely in a relationship just with your boyfriend. Namely, you are also connected to his friends and his parents, but sometimes even with his ex-girlfriend, regardless of whether you’ve met your him on an HIV dating site or in a local pub.

And if it happens that he has continued being friends with his ex after they broke up, you can find yourself in a quite confusing situation. In this light, we encourage you to have a nice and prolonged conversation with your partner, just before you go too far with figuring out whether she still has feelings for him and possibly let the entire situation get out of hand. Here are several things you should clear up before you move on.

When did they break up

Trust us, it makes a huge difference if they broke up a month ago or three years ago. If it has been years since they were together, odds are their relationship is strictly platonic. The longer it’s been since they broke up, the more likely it is that they truly are just friends. However, if you can still smell her perfume on his bed sheets, ask yourself whether you want to get in the middle of something that’s obviously not ended.

Was the breakup mutual

If they both realized that things weren’t working out and that they were better off as friends, you have nothing to worry about. If she, on the other hand, dumped him, your partner may still have some lingering feelings for her or vice versa. The point is that when the split up is mutual the friendship can be renewed. Every other scenario is just plain suspicious.

How often they talk to each other

If they talk to each other in your presence, you have nothing to worry about. However, if he calls her late at night after you have gone to bed, chances are he still has feelings for her. Friends don’t call one another late at night and sneak around so that no one would hear them talk; lovers do.

What do they do when they are together

Pay attention to how they spend their time together. Do they hang out in a group setting or do their meetings look more like dates? Are you welcome to join them or are they avoiding your company? If he has a dinner with his ex from time to time so that they could catch up, there is nothing to worry about. However, if these dinner dates become a regular thing, your relationship might be in jeopardy.

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