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4 Crucial Rules Of Online Senior Dating

When someone mentions seniors, people automatically imagine mature people who spend their days knitting, playing chess and watching TV. However, these folks are more active than you can imagine. They go out, play sports, have fun and date. Yes, senior dating is here to stay!  Not only do they date, they even use online dating sites to find love. If you thought that seniors are not at all computer savvy, you were wrong. They know how to use computers and surf the web. For those who are not that skilled, here are some tips which will make online dating far more easier.

Your photos should not lie

If you are a senior single and ready to mingle we have some advice for you. First of all, keep in mind that your profile picture is the most important part of your profile. Without any words it sums up who you really are. When you are uploading a photo, make sure that it is a recent one. Don’t post any from your younger days, you will only confuse and mislead other users. The whole point of online dating is offline dating, so once you meet face to face they will see what you look like.

Neither should your biography

In the “About me” section you will get to write something about yourself. Don’t lie about your life accomplishments. Also, don’t write a novel. A few well-structured sentences will do just fine. Keep it short and sweet and senior singles will surely notice you.

No strings attached

When someone you don’t like at all sends you a message, don’t feel obligated to respond. They will get the message. It is far better than sending someone some kind of “Sorry, but I don’t like you” text. Feel free to ignore them and move on. When some is harassing you, just block them and report them to the site’s officials.

Keep some things to yourself

Internet is a very useful thingy, but it can also be a dangerous place. Not to worry, just be careful, keep your eyes open and you will be fine. When you are chatting with a stranger, don’t reveal your personal information. Don’t tell them your address, your phone number, you don’t even have to tell them your real name. A lot of con artists are targeting mature singles, so watch out. You will easily spot them. After a few messages they will ask you for money, social security number or some other private info.

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