Are These 3 Things Stopping You From Having A Healthy Relationship?

If you keep dating one guy after another and your every relationship eventually crashes and burns, maybe it is time to stop blaming your dates. Yes, you should probably ask yourself whether you have some toxic dating habits that are preventing you from settling down with someone. Maybe you are always dating the same guy with a different name, perhaps you are too pushy or even looking for something that doesn’t exist. Therefore, before you join the online dating club once again, check out the following list to see if there are some lousy habits in your love life that you should ditch once and for all.

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Perfect on paper

Every girl has her own metaphorical check-list of things her guy should be. Unfortunately, those lists are never realistic, so if you are actively looking for someone who checks out every single box, odds are you will end up alone. Therefore, instead of analyzing your date from head to toe, see how you feel about him, whether he is interested in your life or does he make you smile. At the end of the day, you should be looking for someone who likes being around you as much as you like being around him. What does it matter if he is short or bald if he makes you feel like you are the only girl in the world?

Mr. Unavailable

For some reason, women find unavailable guys more attractive. It is like – continue explaining to me how you haven’t had a serious relationship in your life yet while I take my panties off – kind of thing. If every guy you have ever dated fits this profile, you have a problem. Instead of going for the emotionally or physically unavailable ones (no, they won’t change for you!) find someone who will always put you first.

Too much, too soon

When it comes to relationships, moving too fast is always a recipe for disaster. Living together with a guy you’ve just met two weeks ago through a free dating online site is never a good idea, so learn how to slow things down. It may seem like you are in a serious relationship, but since you basically don’t know anything about each other, things will fall apart pretty soon. Therefore, take one step at a time to see whether the relationship has legs at all.

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